Customer Service Information

How to Reach Us

  1. For electrical problems such as a power outage, flickering lights, downed power lines, or other problems related to electrical power services to your home or business, call (605)882-6233 anytime. We are available 24 hours a day for your convenience!
  2. For problems with water service such as a broken water main, loss of water pressure, or questions about water quality, call us at (605)882-6233.
  3. For gas smells or hit gas lines, call us at (605) 882-6233
  4. For billing questions, service connections/disconnections, or any other need, please call (605)882-6233 or contact us as
  5. Service calls will be made between 10:00 am - 7:00 pm, Monday - Friday, no Weekends or Holidays.
  6. Do not use email for emergency situations, please call (605) 882- 6233

Employee Identification

All of our company employees and contractors carry photo identification and will be happy to show it upon request. Our employees also drive clearly marked vehicles that are easy to identify. If you question an employee’s identification or you wish to verify work that is being done in or around your home, call us at (605)882-6233. Our employees understand your concerns and will not make you feel pressured to let them into your home.

Do not allow anyone to enter your home who claims to offer a refund from Watertown Municipal Utilities. Our employees never deliver cash refunds or “rebates” to customers’ homes. All account transactions are handled through the mail, online or over the phone. Report suspicious activity to the police. If a person claiming to be a Watertown Municipal Utilities employee does not have proper identification, call the police and then call us. Be prepared to give a detailed description of the individual and the vehicle, including the license number if available.