Frequently Asked Questions

We recently completed our bi-annual customer service survey. Thank you to those who took the time to complete the survey. Below are some reoccurring questions that we would like to address to all of our customers.

PDF Download a Printable PDF of the 2013 customer service survey results (October 28,2013)


What is the monthly customer charge on my bill?
The monthly customer charge attached to electric, gas and water is used to pay for costs of providing and maintaining the distribution system (overhead line, transformers, gas and water pipe, etc) and fixed costs that occur regardless of how many  services or how much of the service you use.  It enables us to have service ready and available at your home anytime you need to use those installed services. This charge is based on a rate study recommendation.
Why am I charged a fee for my credit card payment?
Watertown Municipal Utilities currently uses Payment Service Network to process credit card payments online or by phone. If the fee was not charged to the customer using the service, the fee would be charged to Watertown Municipal Utilities and we would need to pass on the estimated $50,000 per year in additional fees to all of our customers. The utility board has decided to pass this fee along to the customers who use this online payment service instead of passing it on to all of our customers.  This helps keep our rates among the lowest in the state.
As a convenience we offer a free automatic bank withdrawal for our customers who wish to have their bill taken out of their checking account. Click here to download an enrollment form.  Click here for the enrollment form, or stop in the office to pick up a form.
Who do I contact about my sewer, garbage and recycling service questions?
Watertown Municipal Utilities is in charge of the electric, gas and water services.  The City of Watertown is in charge of the sewer and garbage services.  Watertown Municipal Utilities bills these city services so they are consolidated on one bill as a convenience for our customers.  If you have any questions about your sewer, garbage or recycling, please contact City Hall at 605-882-6200.
I have trouble paying my heating bills in the winter, where can I go for help?
The Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) provides assistance to low-income South Dakota households to help them pay for their home heating bills.  You can find an application online at or stop in our office to pick up a form.
What is my responsibility regarding my water service line?
With the exception of the meter and the equipment used to read the meter, ownership begins at the connection to the main in the street.  Proper protection of the meter is still the responsibility of the customer.The meter is owned by the utilities but the owner does have the responsibility for keeping it safe and accessible.  The Department does have the right to operate the customers curb valves for disconnecting service, making repairs, or eliminating a hazardous condition but maintenance and repair are the property owners responsibility.